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Been thinking of setting up your own web presence? Well, with the range and affordability of available hosting plans, it sure is a simple task

Been thinking of setting up your own web presence? Well, with the range and affordability of available hosting plans, it sure is a simple task.

You can opt to register a domain of your choice, go in for an inexpensive hosting plan, get your content and design organized and publish your website! Hang on there!

Maybe I'm over simplifying things.

Registration, hosting plans and even content are all things you can do yourself.

But web design? Unless you have some sort of experience with professional web tools, you'd better not try this by yourself.

Instead, go for an affordable web design.

Where exactly could you begin your search for affordable web design? For starters, you could check with your hosting service provider.

Since your hosting provider provides hosting services to numerous clients, chances are she/he has a web designer on board who can give you affordable web design.

If you could check this out and find it, you could land yourself an excellent and affordable web design to go with your website.

As an existing customer, you could ask for and get a preferential rate.

If this doesn't work, you could try looking for an affordable web design online.

There are a number of online classifieds where you can source affordable web design.

Most of the web designers who use online classifieds to advertise their services excel in providing good, affordable web design services.

While they might not be well recognized professionals (in which case they wouldn't be peddling their talent on online classifieds!), they often are talented youngsters who can give you affordable web desig
s at a fraction of the cost that a full-fledged agency would charge you.

There is one problem though.

You need to know exactly what you want and you also need to ensure that your affordable web designer is affordable because of the right reasons.

Else you might end up hiring someone who is affordable, but useless or worse still someone who takes the advance you offer them and disappears!

Another source for affordable web design could be the freelancer websites specializing in web design.

Most web designers who work on a freelance basis tend to be affordable.

And if you are lucky enough to source out a talented web designer, you could not only get affordable web design but excellent design too.

Additionally, most freelancer websites have a ratings system for service providers and buyers.

Which means that you and the web designer providing you with the affordable web design can rest assured that the service will be delivered on time and paid for.

Which makes all the parties concerned happy!

Most freelancer sites also adopt an escrow model of payment to ensure compliance by buyers and service providers.

This way, the risk that your web designer will vanish after seeking an advance is minimal.

You stand to get an affordable web design with in-built peace of mind!

You can get your affordable web design by adopting any of these ways and be well on your way to setting up your own website!

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