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As every website owner knows, content is essential to raising your rankings in the search engines.

As every website owner knows, content is essential to raising your rankings in the search engines.

There's another way to use content to bring even more visitors to your site.

It's called article marketing.

You can use one article in dozens of venues, to multiply your exposure exponentially.

More traffic means more sales.

Let's look at some strategies you can use in your article marketing campaign.

Let's say you sell seeds, gardening supplies and gardening books on your site.

You're facing stiff competition, as there are many websites marketing these products.

How do you get your share of attention?

The answer is simple: exposure, as much as you can generate!

Article marketing is a natural for this purpose.

Write one article, and use it to advertise your site, over and over again.

You know your products and their uses best.

Write an article on how to start seeds.

Give detailed and useful information such as equipment required, temperature and seasonal concerns, thinning and transplanting.

There are many topics you can write about.

Write an article telling your reader how to choose a good pair of garden gloves, and the advantages of a leather glove for one task, or a sturdy cotton glove for light wor

Or, tell your reader how a quality bulb planter makes short work of a big planting project.

I'm sure you get the idea. Do not write an advertisement!

When your articles are prepared, your article marketing campaign is ready to launch.

Do a search using the term article directories gardening.

You'll get hundreds or even thousands of results.

Visit some of these article directories and browse their gardening category.

Take a look at the quality of their articles.

Unfortunately, there are many article directories with poorly written articles, so be choosy when selecting those you want to be associated with, as quality-conscious directories get the most readers.

Here's how it works: you submit your article to the directory.

You are not paid money, but are rewarded with a byline and a link to your site.

Every person who reads your article has the opportunity to click through to your site.

Give your reader useful information in an engaging style, and chances are good they'll come to your site to see what else they can learn.

You can submit the same article to other directories, and watch your traffic and sales grow.

Your article marketing strategy should include contacts with other website owners, especially those with an e-newsletter.

Offer your article as newsletter content in exchange for a byline.

See if you can negotiate reciprocal links. Of course you don't want to contact direct competition.

A florist, greenhouse or organic gardening site might be good choices.

Your article marketing campaign's success is directly related to the amount of exposure you create through your effort.

One indirect result of a good article marketing campaign is establishing yourself as an expert in your business.

Success is measured by traffic and sales. Be prolific and diligent!

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