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If you have yet to try out an auction website, then I definitely suggest you give it a shot.

EBay is such a big business today.

I have to kick myself for not pondering the concept first.

You know that they make a killing off the auction expenses.

The charge you to post something, they charge you a percentage when you make a sale, and then they charge you for all those little extras.

In my humble opinion, it's actually quite annoying.

Then again, I doubt I would feel this way if I created it and was profiting like a champ.

Yes indeed, this world-famous auction website has hit the big-time.

Not to mention it's spun off several others in the process.

EBay is definitely not the only auction around anymore.

I love to search the web.

I get on it daily and check out the updates.

You probably do this as well.

If it's not with a particular auction website, it's probably with certain web-stores you have bookmarked.

I have about ten of these and they all contain custom knives.

This is what I love and collect.

I can't help but get all excited when I see a few new pieces get posted for sale.

There is also a cutlery auction website called that I like to check on occasion.

It works the same as EBay for the most part.

You watch an auction, place a bid, and try to win the product.

My wife hates it even when I monitor this auction website.

She tells me I'm wasting my money, but what's the difference between cutlery and all the Coach purses she goes after?

Nothing! We all like different toys.

It's amazing how we have the ability to bid on cars now.

You can kick back in bed if you please, and pull up an auction website like and place a quick bid on a 1987 Porsche 911.

This is utterly bizarre, yet seriously satisfying for some odd reason.

I think it's the convenience blended with the power aspect of it all.

We love having such access from a small electronic device in our homes.

We're constantly in touch with so many things and so many people.

If you have yet to try out an auction website, then I definitely suggest you give it a shot.

There are so many things to be found online.

Things you thought were long gone.

Moreover, the prices can be outstanding if you catch the right auction.

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