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Finding audio books to download was a great way to make the day a little shorter and more tolerable.

When I first discovered audio books online, I was completely stunned and impressed.

You see, I grew up on radio plays and radio talk shows.

My parents were both avid listeners of NPR, so they would listen to radio documentaries whenever we were on a long trip.

Through audio book online downloads, I get to experience the same interesting programs during my own work day.

You see, I spend a lot of time on my computer.

I work as an online tutor on-call, which means that I basically wait around until someone needs my services for their homework.

It can be boring work because I spend a lot of the time simply sitting in front of my computer, waiting for someone to contact me with a question.

Finding audio books to download was a great way to make the day a little shorter and more tolerable.

I am studying for a degree right now, so it is nice to have a lot of time to study.

However, I can't study all of the time.

Sometimes, I only have a few minutes to wait for a call.

If I get involved in studying a textbook, it will be hard to center myself and take the call, while not forgetting the material I have just read.

That is why I listen to online audio books.

With audio books online, I can listen to some pretty pulpy stuff while I am waiting.

I enjoy the audio books online I am listening to, but I don't get too deeply involved.

That means that it is not difficult for me to switch gears and get back to work when I have to.

Before I found audio books online, I used to go to audio book stores.

Although I like them, most audio bookstores do not stock the titles that I want.

I am mostly interested in things that were originally designed to do orally.

I enjoy listening to audio documentaries, radio plays, mysteries, and the like.

This stuff is much better to listen to, because it is designed to be listened to.

When you listen to fiction read aloud, it is a lot harder to digest it sometimes.

The sentences are not necessarily meant to be heard aloud, but the audio books online that I listen to are perfect for my needs.

I have even started my own audio books library from all of the online downloads that I have acquired in the last six months.

My collection gets bigger every day!

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