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It seems like everyone is blogging these days - writers, musicians, artists, moms and dads, teenagers - the list could go on forever

It seems like everyone is blogging these days - writers, musicians, artists, moms and dads, teenagers - the list could go on forever.

It is true than anyone can write a blog.

Not everyone can have the best blog though.

What makes one blog the best? The bottom line is readers.

A blog is nothing without its readers.

Readers won't keep coming back to a blog that is not interesting to them.

And readers that don't come back are not the kind of readers you want.

If you want to have the best blog, you need readers that come back often to find out what you've been writing.

There are many ways you can keep your readers coming back but the most important thing is to give them what they want.

Give your blog some focus.

The best blogs have a niche that they stick to more or less.

Each entry comes back to the same topic over and over again, but in different and innovative ways.

You'll want to find a niche that you are interested in yourself, otherwise, keeping up your blog will become a chore and you'll soon give it up.

Once you have decided on a niche, you'll want to think of different topics that fall within your niche.

Then, you'll want to find ways to write about those topics that make it new and interesting and bring different perspectives to your readers.

If you want to have the best blog in your niche, you should use a variety of different ways to keep your readers coming back.

Photos are always a good tool for bloggers.

You can find free photos on the internet or you can buy a decent digital camera and take your own pictures.

Pictures can help the reader visualize what they are reading.

You can even include audio files of recordings, meetings, or other scripts to make your blog more interesting.

Finally, you can post the latest ideas and technology that falls within your niche's interests.

If you include a variety of mediums on a regular basis, having the best blog within your niche is not an impossible goal.

You'll want to learn from the best.

Find successful blogs on the internet and see what they are doing.

What are their readers commenting on? Where are the best blogs being hosted?

Do they use long or short entries?

How many pictures do they use?

By analyzing other blogs, you can learn what you need to know to have the best blog yourself.

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