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Although you can build a pc for well under a thousand dollars that can handle the graphics and processing intensive games of today and tomorrow, if you buy one from one of the big commercial pc sellers, it will cost you something like three times that

I have wanted to build a gaming pc for a long time.

Many people might just say, why build a pc when you can buy one.

There are really a few reasons for this.

It is a little known fact, but the reason that today's desktops is so powerful is not really because they need to be.

For most applications, such as word processing, surfing the web, and even watching movies, not all that much processing power is required.

What happens is that the software companies, especially Microsoft, build large inefficient operating systems that hog a whole lot of processing power and drive up the demands.

If software were designed in a reasonable fashion, we could probably get along with 90s technology, along with maybe a new graphics card.

The reason that I want to build a pc is because one of the few exceptions to this rule: gaming.

In order to play the most powerful games, you need a pc designed to handle them.

Although you can build a pc for well under a thousand dollars that can handle the graphics and processing intensive games of today and tomorrow, if you buy one from one of the big commercial pc sellers, it will cost you something like three times that.

If you go to one of the small independent companies that offer to build a pc for you, you are still looking at easily 1600 dollars for a really good gaming pc.

And I just do not have that kind of cash, nor would I want to spend it all on a computer that will be obsolete in five years if I did.

I have a friend who has offered to help me build my own computer for a good long while, but I do not know.

He seems to be tech savvy, and really know what he is talking about, but he is not the most practical person.

When I look at his own computer, it is always broken down and being fixed.

Sometimes I think that he makes it break just so he can fix it again.

I do not want to build a pc that needs constant tinkering.

I want to build a pc that works and that requires as little maintenance as possible.

Still, I have heard that building your own pc is really a difficult process to do without help.

Maybe I will go to one of those little build a pc companies after all!

17 inch Monitor

My computer only had a 17 monitor, but it was fine for my needs. It displayed text and simple graphics well, and let me serf the internet just fine

256mb player

Getting my 256mb mp3 player was one of the best purchasing decisions that I ever made.

4 Color Printing

When using 4 color printing services, its not just the cost it takes that it is important, but the time it takes to get the job done

All-in-one Printers

Your workplace probably now has an inkjet printer, a copier, perhaps a scanner, and a computer.

Build Your Own Computer

It is hard to build your own computer and risky to get made to order pcs from small manufacturers

Build Your Own PC

Why not get that personal computer designed and set up exactly to your liking? This is the most prudent option around

Cable Modem Providers

Are you completely satisfied with the connection speed and monthly bill, or are you still searching for something better?

Cd player

If your computer is more than a year or two old, you may find that your system will be paralyzed when you play a CD.

Computer auctions

Each year, thousands of businesses worldwide use millions of computers. And the computer industry being what it is, each quarter, millions of computers become outdated because of the developments in chip and storage technology.

Computer desk furniture

If you sit at your desk computer all day and work in an office, like more and more Americans do nowadays, having the right computer desk furniture is not only luxury, it is a necessity as well.

Computer information technology

I know all about computer information technology, and I have friends who are computer network administrators who come to me for advice.

Computer keyboard

If there is one thing that I am horrible with it is a computer keyboard. I can type just fine, but I can't seem to keep them in one piece.

Computer Repair

There are some very happy customers out there, and there are also some people who are fuming at the memory of what happened to their computers

Computer Technical Support

Have you ever needed computer technical support? From what I hear this is a rather common need in the world we all currently share

Custom Computer Systems

Well, it may not be in the realm of the top custom computer systems, but it will probably do everything you want it to and more.

Digital camera prints

Though digital cameras have made photography fun and easy for those who normally may not have taken a lot of pictures, there is still something to be said for the look of film prints.

Discount computer parts

When you need parts, but you cannot afford to get new ones, you can usually find discount computer parts that will meet your needs.

Dvd video cameras

DVD video cameras were basically an extension of the old camcorder technology. Unlike camcorders, however, they could take truly high-resolution images.

External DVD writer

I recently bought a laptop computer. Since I had been waiting to purchase the right one for quite a while, I saved up, planned the purchase and got myself what I believed to be the perfect laptop computer with all the goodies

File Transfer Between Computers

The only downfall with this file transfer between computers comes if you have a free email account

Flat panel LCD televisions

The TV has simply become part of our lifestyle. We depend on these entertainment sources every day, whether it be for current events or sporting events

Flat panel monitor

A flat panel monitor can be nice and make your computering experience more pleasant by far.

Latest computers

If you already have the software that you needs and know your way around computers pretty well, it can be a cheaper alternative to buying the latest computers.

Pc power supply

A new pc power supply will give your computer a few more years of life before you have to replace it.

Two Computers One Monitor

With a small investment of about 100 dollars, we could easily build a working tower to use in addition to the new unit.

Video editing computers

It is true that most high end video editing computer programs are made for Apples as well as PCs, but there are some specialized programs that you can only find for PC.

What's EDI ?

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. It is a documented standard that allows the transfer of data between different companies and their own proprietary networks

Wholesale computer parts

If you have been shopping in the market for a new computer system, you might have noticed that most branded computers today have become highly unaffordable.


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