Employee rights

More and more these days, companies are having to consider employee rights

More and more these days, companies are having to consider employee rights.

In the past, many employers did not seem to give a hoot about their staff, as long as they got what they wanted out of them for the lowest amount of money possible.

This day and age, things are evolving when it comes to employee rights.

People are taking a stand against abusive companies and management.

No longer will the little guy be pushed around.

If you take a glance on the web, you will encounter many sites concerning the modern rights of employees.

A big issue is often sexual harassment.

Although this used to be a hush-hush issue in the past, many individuals are coming forward today with complaints.

This is our basic right as human beings.

Everyone should be treated with a certain level of decency.

In the past, employees may have been fired at the very notion of filing a complaint against a co-worker or upper-management, but in modern times, the company has to tread lightly.

Law suits can fly at the very mentioning of harassment.

The great thing about employee rights is not being walked on or discriminated against.

A particular occurence that happened at my former place of employment concerned discrimination.

One of the employees was called an inappropriate name due to his sexual preference.

When he took his complaint to the management, the aggressor was fired immediately.

This is how serious companies are taking employee rights these days.

There are simply too many law issues if things aren't handled righteously.

While employee rights are certainly prevailing as time goes on, some issues remain unresolved.

It is a sad fact that appearance plays such a huge role in the interview process.

Some even argue that your looks are the most important factor when being hired for a job.

The sad thing here is, that there's no way of truly proving this in most cases.

Regardless, employees are continuously building a strong foundation against the old ways that catered to the bosses.

Many issues and concerns can be answered about employee rights by logging onto the Internet.

If you have a major concern regarding your place of employment or a co-worker, you can most likely find answers online.
R>Employee rights are an issue that the majority of us have to tackle at one time or another, but at least we don't have to face things alone.



Person who works for compensation, whether direct or indirect, for another in return for stipulated services. An employee may work on an hourly, daily, or annual wage basis.


Someone who hires and pays wages, thereby providing a livelihood to individuals who perform work. The employment relationship confers authority on the employer, who has the right to control and direct the work to be performed.

Employee Rights

Employee rights is a broad term used to describe the range of legal protections that are afforded to individuals and groups that are in the employ of business organizations.

Employee rights can be broken down into four primary categories:

- rights relating to labor union organizing and collective bargaining;
- rights relating to working hours and pay;
- rights relating to workplace safety and workers' compensation;
- and rights relating to discrimination in hiring or in the workplace.

Online resources and related articles about employee rights:

Employee right in workplace

This informational booklet (pdf document) provides a general overview of a particular topic related to OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Act) standards.

OSHA Employee Workplace Rights Document agt osha.gov

Employee right in workplace

Employee workplace privacy rights are virtually nonexistent in private-sector employment. That's because up to 92% of private-sector employers conduct some type of electronic surveillance on their employees, according to estimates. Most may do so even without the consent or knowledge of their employees.

Employee Workplace Privacy Rights at employeeissues.com

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If you donít really find what you are looking for in regards to workplace privacy, donít be afraid to ask your boss about the rules that may not have been included in the handbook.

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