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It's important to have free email accounts, because it is so easy, why would you pay money for it

It's important to have free email accounts, because it is so easy, why would you pay money for it.

There are many services that offer free emal accounts including yahoo, microsoft mail, gmail, and others.

It is also good because it allows you to have extra email accounts, so that if spammers get ahold of your email you can get a new account easily, or change the address of your email account.

It is also useful because, if you want to transact business over the internet, it allows you to do it without people knowing certain information, such as an organization through which your other domain name is affiliated.

My free email account is through gmail, but it used to be through while that was still alone, just because I thought the domain name was so funny and amusing.

When finding a free email account, there are several things to keep in mind.

You should look for one that is easy to use, with every feature located where you would expect it, and good help documentation should you encounter any problems while using it.

It is also important to see what features does it include.

Does it have a spam filter? Does it have file space and if so, how much?

Also, do they give out your information, or store personal records that could potentially be compromised or requested.

It is best the less information they store about you, the better.

Also, how many annoying pop up ads are there on the email website when you check your mail, and does your free email account include advertisements in the bottom of your emails, and if so, how annoying and obtrusive are they?

Another thing that is important is the stability of the website.

Is it often down, or is it well maintained and stable? It is all good to have a free email account, but if you cant use it, what is the point anyway?

My friend had what looked to be an excellent free email account: It had 50 megs filespace, few ads, easy to use features, and even a dedicated support staff.

Unfortunately, their connection was lousy and they were down as often as they were up.

He couldn't even get on to use his email and their features, as awesome as they were, were useless to him.

Fortunately, if this happens to you, you can always get a new free email account.

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