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The best piece of advice you can give anyone who uses the internet is to be very wary of any and all downloads.

The best piece of advice you can give anyone who uses the internet is to be very wary of any and all downloads.

Downloading anything from the internet, whether or not it appears harmless, can be very dangerous.

Sometimes a simple click can end the life of your computer.

I have had to learn this the hard way and I hope that by sharing my experiences I can help someone else avoid these pitfalls.

Once upon a time I was surfing along, minding my own business when along came a little pop up ad.

I went to click the X at the top of the ad which usually closes such windows.

This time was different.

Within a few seconds I had no control over my computer.

I am very sad to say that something got in when I clicked that window and my computer died shortly after.

My best friend experienced something similar after looking into game downloads.

She had been playing super text twist at work a lot and wanted to get a version of it on her home computer.

She searched for game downloads and easily found multiple sites offering the game and others that looked fun.

As soon as she had lowered her firewall to allow the game downloads through, her computer was attacked by a Trojan virus and never recovered.

You must be very careful when opening up your computer for game downloads or any kind of download.

You never know who or what is one the other side of a website and if you are not one hundred percent confident that the source you are getting your game downloads from is secure and trust-worthy, you must not proceed.

Your computer is a very valuable resource.

Computers can be very difficult and expensive to replace and you will be kicking yourself for months if your computer's destruction was your own fault.

There are many websites out there with game downloads available for free.

I r
ecommend that you install McAfee Site Advisor if you are thinking about downloading games to your computer.

Site Advisor will alert you about any problematic website before you visit it.

I have this software installed on my home pc and it is a life saver and incredibly easy to use.

I don't want you to think that there are no game downloads out there that are safe; there are.

You may have to do a bit of searching before you find one though.

I guarantee that using Site Advisor to aid you in this search and others will help keep you and your computer out of harm's way.

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