How to organize

The key to being organized, he explained, is only having things that you need, and knowing where each of these things is when you need it.

For me, learning how to organize has been a long and involved struggle.

When I was growing up, my untidiness was a real embarrassment.

You see, in my community, cleanliness is really viewed as being next to godliness.

For many people, knowing how to get organized is almost second nature.

For me, however, it has always been different.

No one in my family has any clue about how to organize.

We have filing cabinets, closet organizers, storage boxes of all shape, size, and description, and none of it does any good.

Not a single one of us know how to organize.

I grew up fitting in perfectly in these family surroundings, but one day something happened that changed my life.

You see, I was in college and had an important presentation to give.

It was the last minute, and I was scrambling around to get all the pieces together.

I thought I had managed to, but when I got there I realized that my paper was all out of order and I was missing half of my slides.

I failed, and I should not have.

I had done all the work, you see, and prepared a brilliant presentation.

Because I did not know how to organize, I never got credit for the work that I had done.

When I first tried to learn how to organize, I investigated all of the usual tricks.

I bought books on organizing a home, organizing an office, organizing a business, and organizing any other aspect of your personal or professional life that can possibly be imagined.

I read all of these books from cover to cover, started out, and got no results at all.

You see, my mind was so cluttered with ideas about how to organize, and with frustrated attempts at getting my life under control that I sort of shut down.

It was just too much information to quickly.

Then one of my friends who is very good at organizing give me this advice.

He told me that I would never learn how to organize until I got rid of some of my stuff.

The key to being organized, he explained, is only having things that you need, and knowing where each of these things is when you need it.

Not only did he tell me how to organize, but he even came over and helped me sort through my stuff.

I would never have learned how to organize without him.

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