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More often than not, these laptop deals are deals only for the unscrupulous dealer

Have you ever come across really good laptop deals?

Seriously! I mean, I too have seen my fair share of those bogus laptop deals advertised in the newspapers.

More often than not, these laptop deals are deals only for the unscrupulous dealer.

While they promise you the heaven and the earth, you will be lucky if you are able to get hold of a laptop that is barely functional, let alone functional to a supreme degree.

But, after a little bit of looking around, I have been able to identify some real good laptop deals.

Now, unlike the deals I mentioned earlier, these laptop deals are the real thing.

Not only do they give you the best and the greatest prices on laptops, they also do so from your perspective – making sure that you get to be the winner in the war of prices.

But, time and again I have wondered how the market price of laptops are far lesser than when the laptops are bought from the dealers themselves.

How exactly do these laptop deals work?

The answer lies with one company – Dell.

Dell can safely be said to be the original company that brought us laptop deals.

They did so by eliminating one segment of the supply chain – the one segment that had the maximum overhead, minimum direct association with the product and ate up the most profits.

This segment, what the rest of us have come to know as the middleman, is the retail segment in industry terms.

And with the disappearance of the retail segment, inventory management became redundant.

As did the need for an army of retailers and their associates.

Here’s how it works.

When a manufacturer begins dealing directly with the consumer, they are in a position to pass on most of the savings from the retail segment to the end consumer.

In a conventional distribution set up, the manufacturer sends across merchandise to the distributor.

Who then adds a small margin (or a big one depending on the demand for the product!) and passes it on to the retailer or dealer.

The dealer then adds inventory charges, stock keeping charges and yet another small margin to further inflate the original price.

As such, when the product finally comes into the hands of the end consumer, it is at times, far more expensive than the manufacturer intended it to be.

But eliminate this part of the supply chain and you have a quick and ready formula for great laptop deals!

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